Features Seneca’s zero-knowledge-environment

Last week Binance published an article about Zero knowledge Environment featuring Seneca. You can find the original articles here.

The article titled "Is zero-knowledge environment the next step in blockchain evolution” discusses the concerns over the fact that existing public blockchains can’t yet handle the large volumes of data required for the types of functions that are commonplace in our digital lives, and concerns about data privacy of on-chain transactions persist. 

Binance reporter explains that not only are ZKPs complex, non-standardized, and computationally intensive, but the technology solves discrete scalability or privacy concerns without providing a comprehensive infrastructure for on-chain operation. In other words, ZKPs is the best stopgap we have, but not a panacea for mass blockchain adoption.


Understanding implementations of Zk-E: Seneca example

A permissionless, layer1 blockchain designed to simplify the deployment and integration of decentralized solutions, Seneca implements its own universal data protocol to enforce self-sovereignty of data throughout its platform. Seneca is now collaborating with Intel on Project Amber to leverage third-party attested Trusted Execution Environment as a foundational measure to preserve confidentiality of on-chain transactions and smart contract executions. 

The layer1 blockchain also provides a data infrastructure that deploys private ledgers on user devices that gives users complete control through P2P device communication. The objective is to create a complete ecosystem of decentralized tools that integrate with existing systems data. It will have all the capabilities of a traditional cloud platform to carry out real-life interactions.

The ZKE can provide the solution that the blockchain world has been looking for to tie AI with blockchain. Stretching far beyond just certifying data, blockchain and decentralized technology in general can provide the base system where these AI platforms are built and deployed for businesses into the future.

Read the full article on Binance.con here.

Learn more about Seneca Presale here.

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