Featured dApp: VitaDoc

VitaDoc is an AI health assistant that uses a new technology called Reverse Search on secured private smart contracts on the Seneca blockchain to provide personalized vitamin recommendations based on your health data, while keeping your data secure and private to you at all times.

Welcome to VitaDoc - the smart health assistant that provides precision supplement and vitamin recommendations while keeping your privacy a top priority. VitaDoc runs on Seneca's blockchain, so you can trust that your data is kept secure and private at all times.

What is VitaDoc?

VitaDoc is an AI assistant that securely runs logic on the Zeno testnet between VitaDoc’s system and personal, sovereign health data  to  provide personalized vitamin recommendations based. VitaDoc uses Seneca’s unique smart contract platform, which, in essence, enables a company to ‘come to the user’ rather than what typically happens, a user sending all of their private data to a company.
This is a win-win: the company benefits as they can provide highly tailored services (in this case, vitamin and supplement recommendations) to the users based on even more data than ever before. The user wins as all of this data is never shared with the company, it's just used within a confidential computing environment to provide the recommendations.

What can I do with VitaDoc?

With VitaDoc, you can securely utilize your private health data and receive customized vitamin recommendations based on your unique needs. You can connect VitaDoc with Vault+ by Seneca to add your health information securely - it will stay locally and not be shared with us or any third parties. VitaDoc is just the beginning of what is possible with personalized healthcare on the blockchain - as more data becomes available, we can continue to refine and improve our recommendations for your health and wellness.

How does VitaDoc keep my data private?

VitaDoc runs on Seneca's blockchain (now on the Zeno testnet), which enables the utilization of private data to deliver custom results without requiring data to be shared.  With VitaDoc, all computations are done in a secure execution environment through private smart contracts, ensuring that your data stays private while still receiving customized recommendations.

Experience the future of personalized healthcare with VitaDoc.

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