New from Seneca: Get your Testnet Tokens - ZENO

Seneca has reached a global milestone with the launch of ZENO testnet tokens, which are now available for developers to request and test their dApps. As a company committed to fostering innovation, we can't wait to see the incredible projects that will emerge from this exciting new platform. Plus, new and exceptional projects can win a feature spot in our future newsletters.

Global milestone…

Our ZENO testnet tokens are ready for you to request and test your dApps.  We're committed to fostering innovation and look forward to the incredible projects you'll create.  New and exciting projects can win a feature spot in one of our future newsletters! 

Visit our Discord and download the Vault+ Chrome extension to submit token requests and start building your dApps on the ZENO testnet. 

Share your feedback with us, and let's shape the future together.

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