Seneca DevNet Released

Zeno Testnet and Seneca DevNet are now available for dApp development, offering stable or experimental environments with different features. A recent DevNet upgrade introduced multi-signature features for accounts to prepare for more complex smart contracts.

As we approach the mainnet release and more people start building meaningful dApps on our Zeno Testnet, a deeper staging pipeline for blockchain upgrades has become important.

From now on, you can connect to either:

The Zeno TestNet ( for a relatively stable TestNet environment in which you can develop feature-complete dApps before migrating them to the mainnet later this year.

Or the Seneca DevNet (, which will have access to the latest and greatest Seneca features, but is also less stable and will be our experimental hub Use the DevNet if you are ready to access the newest, cutting-edge features in private-data blockchain technology!

We have successfully executed a DevNet upgrade on April 7th that introduces multi-signature features for accounts in preparation for more complex multi-signature implementations in our hybrid smart contracts.

 [Check out the new Devnet block explorer!]

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