Seneca: Uncompromising Commitment to Security

Discover Cyrex's cybersecurity report on Seneca Platform, affirming its robust protection and improved transparency. Dive into the report to understand Seneca's commitment to user safety and business integrity. Features Seneca’s zero-knowledge-environment


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Introducing the Vault+ Playground: Test, Learn, and Explore SDK Functions

Introducing the Vault+ Playground: Test, Learn, and Explore SDK Functions

Video: Exploring Seneca Blockchain Technology with Stefan Johne

Unlocking Trustless, Secure, and Sophisticated Applications through Zero Knowledge Environment

The Seneca approach to confidential AI

As the amount of data used to train and execute AI models grows, so do concerns about data privacy and confidentiality. This is evident in the amount of organizations that have banned generative AI on their network after companies, such as Samsung, have seen generative AI models suck up trade secrets and IP.

Incentivized Testnet

Join us to build the future and earn tokens for your contributions, regardless of your technical background. Sign up now to stay ahead of the game and be the first to know when opportunities launch.

Consensus 2023: Let’s meet up in Austin

Seneca team is attending Consensus 2023 in Austin to meet and collaborate with like-minded pioneers and potentially share their new DnA protocol.

Featured dApp: Music Master

Music Master uses Seneca's blockchain to ensure fair and secure distribution of song royalties and certificates.

New from Seneca: Get your Testnet Tokens - ZENO

Seneca's ZENO testnet tokens are now available for dApp testing and innovation

Seneca DevNet Released

Zeno Testnet and Seneca DevNet provide different environments for dApp development, with a recent DevNet upgrade introducing multi-signature features

Featured dApp: GeniusGuard

GeniusGuard, a predictive maintenance app, enables manufacturers to conduct analysis on sold robots and IoT devices without accessing customer data, eliminating the need to share proprietary information.

Blockchain New Releases

Seneca's latest blockchain updates improve security, streamline user experience, and move closer to the next generation blockchain.

Ensuring Credibility in Manufacturing: Introducing CertiChain

Solving Real-World Problems with Seneca

Blockchain and the Permissionless State

Web3 shouldn't just strive for principles. We can deliver a better experience and more functionality than Web2. This is what will bring the next billion users and free us from the permission state we live in.

AI Without Blockchain is Death

As businesses increasingly rely on AI and other data-driven technologies, concerns about user privacy and data ownership are growing. That's where blockchain-based solutions come in. By leveraging decentralization, these solutions can better align with user values and priorities.

New Release: Vault+ on chrome

Introducing Vault+: The Ultimate Gateway to Secure Digital Transactions

Featured dApp: VitaDoc

Imagine getting the exact supplements you need instantly and without sharing any data

Seneca Project: Living with Joy

Built on Seneca - Joy AI will help you pick a policy that fits your unique needs by using your private data and public blockchain information without compromising users' privacy.

Introducing Mantis

Reinventing Universal Credentialing with Mantis

What are some potential use cases for Seneca by SERV?

Here's a question from one of our recent Discord AMAs

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