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A new Layer 1 blockchain built for the future of AI and applications. Seneca enables, for the first time, full apps to be built and run on a trustless system that requires no sharing or access to data.

Presale supply 85M
Community: 20K+
Contact Address: 0xCf2bE53A352AAC3f8cE81895542b807cCbdCC80f

Unlimited Data.  Absolute Certainty.  Zero Compromise. 

Seneca is the only blockchain infrastructure where end-to-end app development on a permissionless network is not only possible, but easy, efficient, and secure.

First Token That Makes all Businesses Function

Seneca makes centralized infrastructure obsolete. Delivering all of the components to build full applications while preserving the liberty and data ownership of all parties.   

Backed by
and dozens of other Web3 and Web2 investors
Seneca's Unique


ZK Environments

Seneca’s protocol structures data into decentralized user and system-defined environments based on zero-knowledge principles, giving users the freedom to execute transparent interactions, confidential computations, and self-sovereign data management – all without leaving the platform.

Intelligent Data Layers

Adaptive data conduits empower users to move data between on-device private ledgers and on-chain ZK Environments to enforce privacy and achieve sovereign data ownership for users.

Bidirectional Oracles

Interoperable capability that acts like APIs to facilitate the distribution of validated data and application functionality between Seneca ZK Environments, other blockchains, and traditional Cloud systems.


Products & Tools

Seneca achieves something unique and extraordinary: an environment where complete applications can be developed and executed fully decentralized. Unlocking the power of blockchain without sacrificing any functionality of the application.

AI on ZK - dApp Builder

Build and deploy your own AI-enabled dApp in Seneca’s ZK Environment in minutes.
We are enabling businesses to use all AI.


Create your own private ZK Environment that syncs across devices for easy digital asset management and rich data transformation. 

Mantis & Schemas

Create and use custom, on-chain credentials that work with your dApps.


Access, learn, and use our ever-evolving tools to build on Seneca.


Test out dApp ideas and workflows in an easy-to-use sandbox

Token Utilities

Seneca’s Digital Transaction Unit, or DTU, is designed to maximize ease of data movement across Seneca’s fluid ecosystem.

Access & Validation

The DTU is a multipurpose access token where its system-native generation makes it uniquely suitable as a validating passport for both public and private ZK Environment access, and its value makes it a viable utility for on-chain services in a multi-currency economy.

Discount & Licensing

DTU accumulates time-based discount and licensing allowances to provide both unmatched stability and genuine value for active users.  

Network Operation

Active history of DTU usage, along with sufficient holding for penalties is required to qualify for node operation. This is part of a broader system to create a fair, healthy, and sustainably open network.

Digital Transaction Units

Supply Allocation

Seneca is the only decentralized platform, owned by the users, that captures the full data lifecycle. Seneca DTUs connect every process through cryptographic confirmation and data control - and, unique to our platform, both on the permissionless blockchain and in self-sovereign storage.

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Early Contributors 35%
Core Team - 20%
Advisors & Investors - 15%
Community Allocation 65%
Presale - 5%
Launch Offering - 15%
Node Operator Programming - 15%
Partnerships & Grants - 15%
Treasury Reserve - 15%


Seneca is an end-to-end blockchain platform and framework focused on privacy and data management.

2023 Spring

Testnet + Tools

  • Zeno Testnet
  • Beta ZK Environments
  • Early dApps deployment
2023 Summer

ZKE & Presale

  • Beta ZK Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain services: Vault+, Mantis, Schemas
  • Open source blockchain code
  • Token Presale
2023 Fall

Platform ready

  • Privacy & confidential computing attestation
  • ZK smart contract integration with private ledger data
  • Drag-and-drop AI ZK builder
2023 Winter


  • Mainnet & token launch
  • Foundation launch with community governance kick-off
  • Exchange listing
  • Broad Web2 and Web3 interoperability


Presale Basics

What is the Seneca token presale? 

Seneca is a layer1 blockchain making centralized infrastructure obsolete. We are offering limited opportunity to our community as we build out our decentralized platform.  Participants will receive ERC-20 tokens at the time of purchase that will be eligible for trade-in for Seneca tokens at mainnet launch.

There will be six rounds, priced at $0.03 USD per token for the first round, increasing to $0.08 for the last round.

What is your token called? 

Our mainnet token will be called by the same name, Seneca, ticker symbol SNCA.  For brevity, we are calling the ERC-20 tokens minted during the presale the pSNCA. 

How do I participate in the presale?

You can use the widget at the top of the presale website, which also provides additional instructions.  

Please note that you are not eligible to participate if you are a resident of, domiciled in, or purchasing from any of the following jurisdictions: the United States (including its various territories and protectorates), Algeria, Antigua & Barbuda, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), Burundi, Cote D'Ivoire, Crimea & Sevastopol, Cuba, D.R. Congo, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Magnitsky, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Russian Federation, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe, and any other jurisdiction where the investment, purchase, and/or use of cryptocurrency is unavailable or unlawful. 

If you are an accredited US investor, please contact our team directly at

What network does the presale use?

pSNCA itself will be minted on POLYGON mainnet, but you can purchase with many different coins.  Please see “What cryptocurrencies can I use to buy pSNCA” for the full list.

How many tokens are allocated for the presale? 

We are minting 85 million tokens in total for the presale.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to buy pSNCA? 

Here is the full list of cryptocurrencies we accept: 

Token Network Contract
ETH Ethereum Native
USDT Ethereum 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7
USDC Ethereum 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48
MATIC Polygon Native
USDT-Polygon Polygon 0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f
USDC-Polygon Polygon 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174
BNB Binance Smart Chain Native
BUSD Binance Smart Chain 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56
USDT-BSC Binance Smart Chain 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955
USDC-BSC Binance Smart Chain 0x8ac76a51cc950d9822d68b83fe1ad97b32cd580d
I don’t have any of these cryptocurrencies in my wallet.  How do I buy? 

Many crypto wallets have built in swaps for your coins. If your wallet doesn't support swaps natively, you will need to exchange your tokens on a third-party exchange.

What wallets can I use to participate in the presale?

You can use any of the wallets supported by WalletConnect.  See the full list here.

Can I buy pSNCA with fiat money? 

Yes! You can download MetaMask or another wallet that has a native fiat on-ramp to purchase one of the accepted cryptos with your fiat. We also plan to integrate with a fiat on-ramp provider directly soon, which you will be able to see when it’s live in the purchase widget.

Are there any fees to participate? 

Transaction fees are low, and you only have to cover gas fees for sending the funds to us. We support super cheap coins, including USDT on Polygon, MATIC, or BUSD.  Please see “What cryptocurrencies can I use to buy pSNCA” for the full list.

We will cover the gas costs for the transfer transaction sending the pSNCA token to you. 

Is there a minimum purchase amount required? 

Yes, the minimum purchase is $1 USD.

Is there a maximum purchase amount allowed? 

The maximum purchase for a single purchase is $10,000 USD. 

How long is the presale? 

Each round will be open for different lengths of time depending on round size and demand. Subscribe to our newsletter and watch this page for announcements and be the first to know.

Can I trade or sell my presale (pSNCA) tokens?

Your presale tokens can be traded for Seneca tokens when the mainnet launches, at which point the vesting period starts.   

How can I claim my SNCA tokens at mainnet launch?

You will need to burn your pSNCA to receive your allocated SNCA tokens. We will provide a dApp for pSNCA holders to burn your pSNCA tokens and nominate your SR25519 mainnet address to claim and receive your corresponding SNCA tokens.

Where can I see the confirmation for my transaction? 

You should receive a link to the successful transaction in the network's block explorer during the checkout process. You can also see your coins in your wallet.  If your wallet doesn’t automatically show all ERC-20 tokens, you may be able to see your pSNCA by adding the contract address to your wallet.


I’m having trouble completing the purchase.  Where can I get help? 

You can watch our presale tutorials for desktop and for mobile, or join our Telegram group to ask a question. 

How do I connect my wallet to buy? 

Our presale widget will guide you through the process.  Click on the “Connect Wallet” button to see all compatible wallets and choose yours

I sent my tokens to the wrong address.  What can I do? 

If you used the widget at the top of this presale page at, then you will have sent your funds to the correct smart contract address 0xcf2be53a352aac3f8ce81895542b807ccbdcc80f  - This is the only place to access the official presale widget.  If you had purchase via another source, we are not able to assist you to retrieve any funds you may have deposited to another smart contract. 

I don’t see any pSNCA in my wallet after purchase.  What’s going on? 

On average, it can take around 3 to 5 minutes from the time you send the funds to the pSNCA arriving in the wallet, though it can be longer if network is congested.  Also, check to see if your wallet requires that you add the smart contract address 0xcf2be53a352aac3f8ce81895542b807ccbdcc80f  in order to see the tokens. Here is a short tutorial video.

Most wallets that support this feature will have documentation to help you do this. MetaMask, for example, has a simple tutorial here.

If your transaction was confirmed on our website, but you still don’t have the tokens after ten minutes, please contact us via Telegram so we can query the transaction and look into it.  

Where can I get my transaction ID? 

You can see a link to “View Transaction” once your transaction is complete and the Seneca widget shows “Your Purchase was Successful.” If you’ve closed the browser, you can still retrieve this hash either from your wallet and/or by looking up your wallet address in the block explorer of the network you used.

More About Seneca

When will your mainnet launch? 

We launched our testnet named Zeno in Q2 of 2023.  We are targeting end of 2023 to launch the Seneca mainnet. 

How long will it take for my Seneca (SNCA) tokens to vest? 

Vesting period will vary from 9 to 15 months, after a 30-to-60-day waiting (“lock-up”) period starting from Seneca’s mainnet launch.  The length of the waiting and vesting periods will depend on which round(s) you participate in, where earlier rounds with lower prices will have a longer waiting period. Once vesting begins, an equal amount of tokens will be disbursed each month until vesting is complete. 

Where can I learn more about Seneca? 

Visit, read our litepaper, and take a look at our team page.  

Reward Program

Do you have any perks or bonus programs? 

Yes!  We have a great referral program.  If you purchase more than $100 will receive a sharable referral link once you complete the purchase.  Once you share that link, both you and those you refer will earn a bonus of up to 5% of their purchases using that referral link.  So, for example, if a friend uses your link to make a $100 USD purchase, your friend could receive $5 USD worth of bonus tokens, and you would also receive $5 USD’s worth of bonus tokens. 

Supply of tokens for referral bonus is limited, so spread the word and buy early to get your bonus before the supply runs out.  

Can I make referrals before the presale opens?

Yes! If you have an active social community following, email us at with your social profiles and some sample projects to find out if you are eligible to get a referral link before the presale opens.

When will I get my bonus tokens? 

If you are buying with a referral link, you will receive your 5% bonus tokens when you receive the tokens you bought.  If you generated a referral link for others to use, you will receive your 5% bonus tokens a few days after the end of the presale. 

Does my referral link expire?

No. Once you generate a referral link, you can use it for the duration of that presale round and all active rounds thereafter.

What happens if I click on a referral link before the presale opens? 

Your browser will remember that you visited the presale by referral, and you will be eligible for the referral bonus if you use the same browser to complete the purchase once the presale opens. 

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